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Christopher Ejugbo

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my world. A world of uniqueness and diversity. I am glad to have yet another opportunity to reach out to you all out there. The two words above probably best describe me. Uniqueness is about my desire to be original, to do things is a different way-usually the better way. It is about my willingness to be creative. Diversity is about my appreciation of versatilty. I like being informed and digging for information.

I have carried both all along: born and bred in Nigeria; studied engineering at the Aviation University in Riga, have been singing with the Los Amigos Reggae band since its foundation, studied pedagogy at RTU ; have been working as a language teacher ; have been the chairman of the Afrolatvian Association since its foundation ..........

Some previous writing attempts include my personal home page : ; stories published for the Glen, Latvia , and Afrolat website :

Latvia is now my home , though still consider myself a citizen of the world. I can't afford to be indifferent to what is happening elsewhere. The political climate in now hot , and hence interesting to follow. This blog will reflect on all of the above.

Despite all the above mentioned, the africaness in me is very strong : "You can see it in my motion when I walk " as the song sang. Dancing is my passion.Singing too.

My entries here will be spiced up with all these. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Feel free to drop your comments , and see you!

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